2019 $10,000 GRANT WINNER

Building One Community


THe Mission

The Center for Immigrant Opportunity (B1C) brings passionate people together to help immigrants and their families succeed in the community. Our Educate, Employ, Empower, and Engage programs help remove barriers to success and propel our immigrant clients along the path to economic self-sufficiency.


THe Program

The Engineering Club serves low-income immigrant children, primarily Hispanic, between ages 6-10. The Engineering Club addresses the need for more after-school enrichment programs for low-income immigrant children and the need to prepare more women for STEM careers. Generation Impact’s support will allow B1C and The Bruce Museum to adapt high school engineering curriculum for elementary school students and conduct 32 sessions over an eight-month period. Through projects and development of science notebooks, students will expand their vocabulary and knowledge of scientific concepts, learn problem-solving skills, gain confidence, and develop an interest in STEM.


This program is structured to be both educational and philanthropic – to teach and encourage the next generation of givers to work together to make an impact in their community.
— Wendy Block, Founder and President, Impact Fairfield County