Our Mission:


Welcome to Generation Impact, a collective giving circle of high school girls. Inspired by the thoughtful and powerful giving of Impact Fairfield County, this new program will introduce the next generation to the needs in our community, foster the spirit of philanthropy, and empower girls to work together to make an impact in Fairfield County, CT.

We invite you to join Generation Impact!


Our Mission

We are a collective giving circle of high school girls from Fairfield County, CT who are engaging in local philanthropy on a deeper level. By joining together with girls from our community, we aim to learn about thoughtful giving and to provide youth-focused grants to local non-profit organizations. We strive to reach the underserved and improve the lives of youth in our community.  

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We are looking for high-school girls in grades 9-12 who want to make a difference in Fairfield County! When you join Generation Impact, you’ll raise $100 to donate toward our grant fund. These contributions from each girl will be combined into a $10,000 grant, which we’ll gift to the local, youth-serving non-profit of our choice. Together, we will find and review charities from our community to learn about their missions and their work.

By participating in Generation Impact, you’ll have the opportunity to:

·      Meet girls from other schools
·      Gain confidence in public speaking
·      Learn the value of inclusivity
·      Work together to plan events and learn about the community
·      Determine and get involved with the winning organization
·      Deliver the final grant
·      See the exponential power of giving

We invite all high school girls who live in or attend school in Fairfield County to join us! 
Any questions? Email us at generationimpactffc@gmail.com



Girls as Members




Donated by each Member




Generation Impact Grant



Our Leadership Committees 

Generation Impact will be managed by four Leadership Committees, which will meet twice monthly on Sunday afternoons from September through April. Time commitments vary by committee. Each Committee Chair will determine its’ own schedule.



Our Grants committee is a great fit for girls who want to dive deepest into the philanthropic process. You’ll work with our Women Leadership to develop and manage the Generation Impact grants process, from submitting our requests for proposals to awarding the Generation Impact Grant. You’ll also learn our grants management system, develop proposals, prepare member training materials and other documents, and have the opportunity to serve as the primary liaison between Generation Impact and our non-profit applicants.


Our Membership Committee needs girls who have a talent for forming and building relationships. You’ll be in charge of managing the recruitment process: developing a yearly recruitment strategy, keeping track of our contacts and contributions lists, following up on missing information, and composing membership forms and welcome letters. You’ll also help to plan Generation Impact recruitment events, including invitations, reminders, and RSVP’s. 


If you have an exceptional interest in websites, social media and writing, join our Communications Committee! In this role, you’ll develop and oversee Generation Impact’s communications with prospects, members, leadership, Impact FFC and press. You’ll manage our website; updating it regularly with ongoing content and updates, and also handle our social media channels, press releases, messaging and recruitment handouts at events.


Fundraising & Events

Calling all girls with a passion for party planning! As part of our Fundraising and Events Committee, you’ll be coordinating all event-related tasks: recruitment and fundraising events, planning our annual grant award meeting, locating and booking venues, ordering catering, preparing décor, managing volunteers and takeaway gifts, corporate underwriting, and more. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to plan a volunteer event with the chosen Generation Impact Grantee. 


Additional ways
to get involved


 Please let us know if you are interested in hosting a membership recruiting event in your area. We are hoping to have a diverse membership that includes girls from all over Fairfield County and from as many schools as possible!


Moms! Please volunteer to help with grants, membership, communications, events and fundraising.
We are seeking women leadership to serve as mentors and guides for our Generation Impact girls!


Please help us get to our goal of  a $10,000 grant as well as underwrite specific expenses and opportunities. We will need to cover all digital and printing costs, event costs, and additional start up expenses.