We are looking for high-school girls currently in grades 9-12 (Classes of 2019-2022) who want to make a difference in Fairfield County! When you join Generation Impact, you’ll raise $100 to donate toward our grant fund. These contributions from each girl will be combined into a $10,000 grant, which we’ll gift to the local, youth-serving non-profit of our choice. Together, we will find and review charities from our community to learn about their missions and their work.

By participating in Generation Impact, you’ll have the opportunity to:

·      Meet girls from other schools
·      Gain confidence in public speaking
·      Learn the value of inclusivity
·      Work together to plan events and learn about the community
·      Determine and get involved with the winning organization
·      Deliver the final grant
·      See the exponential power of giving

We invite all high school girls who live in or attend school in Fairfield County to join us!