Working together to make an impact in our community.

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Generation Impact’s mission is to introduce the next generation to the need in Fairfield County, foster the spirit of philanthropy, and empower girls to work together to make an impact in our community.

Our goal: 100 members will donate $100 each, pool their membership donations, and award a $10,000 impactful, youth-focused grant to a deserving non-profit organization in the community.

We aim to benefit local youth-serving nonprofits by providing:

  • Financial Support

  • Exposure

  • Community involvement

  • Connection to a new network of donors and volunteers


We’re not only giving a grant. We’re trying to teach girls how to give thoughtfully. We’re learning from experts, collectively reviewing grant applications and making really hard decisions to determine deserving finalists. It’s hard to learn about so many amazing charities that are all doing such good things in our community … and having to pick only one to receive our grant.
— Isabel Allard