GREENWICH MAGAzine: September 2019

Girls Who Give

Two years ago Greenwich Academy senior Isabel Allard set out to find fellow philanthropically minded teenage girls willing to invest their time and money in making a difference. She helped recruit 105 generous and motivated local high school girls who agreed to each contribute at least $IOO — money they would collectively share with some deserving local nonprofits.

Rather than just donate some of their babysitting and birthday cash on benevolent impulse, the girls wanted to create a philanthropic organization that would make a measurable difference for both the recipient of its generosity as well its members.

“We felt like it had to go beyond organizing a bake sale,” explains Isabel, who working with a leadership committee of fourteen high school girls, launched Generation Impact (GI). “We wanted it to also be about the education we would receive about philanthropy. The goal is that the girls grow up to be thoughtful, considerate givers.”



GREENWICH MAGAzine: June 2019

A Big Gift

Generation Impact recently awarded its first ever $I0,000 grant during its Big Give event. Grant-winner Building One Community (B1C) was one of four nonprofit finalists narrowed from thirty-eight Fairfield County-based organizations. The money will fund B1C's Engineering Club, which together with the Bruce Museum provides low-income immigrant children with the opportunity to learn about STEM topics. Generation lmpact is a program that provides high school girls the opportunity to learn about the needs of the community and work together to make an impact.


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Young Women Get Serious About Giving

GREENWICH — When a team of young women united together to make an impact, they weren’t just offering up words.

Generation Impact, a group of high school students, last week awarded a $10,000 grant to Building One Community, The Center for Immigrant Opportunity where it will be used for an after-school program that helps students learn STEM skills.

The gift represented the level of support that the Greenwich-based group hoped to make since forming in 2017.

“All of the finalists we looked at were incredible,” said Isabel Allard, a member of Generation Impact and an 11th-grader at Greenwich Academy. “It was such a hard decision. But what stood out about Building One Community is the passion they have for what they do. And they had the data to show there has been a real impact on people from the work they’ve been doing.”




Generation Impact Grant Award

Giving can be powerful, and one local organization is proving just that. Last Sunday, Generation Impact held its "Big Give" event and awarded its first-ever $10,000 grant to the Stamford-based non-profit Building One Community, The Center for Immigrant Opportunity.

The grant will fund the Building One Community's Engineering Club which operated in conjunction with the Bruce Museum in Greenwich and serves low-income immigrant children. The program provides an after-school opportunity for immigrant children to learn about STEM topics through hands-on projects and the creation of science journals. The grant will allow the Engineering Club to increase its meeting frequency and its impact on participating students.

"This has been an amazing year of learning for our members. There are so many needs in our community that most of us weren't even aware of. We've had the opportunity to learn about incredible nonprofit organizations and we're so excited to award our $10,000 grant to Building One Community” said Generation Impact Leadership Committee Chair, Isabel Allard.


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Generation Impact to Launch Sunday

After several months of preparation and brainstorming, Generation Impact Fairfield County will officially launch at 4 p.m., on Sunday, April 22, at the Arch Street Teen Center in Greenwich. Similar to Impact Fairfield County, a collective giving circle that engages women in Fairfield County through local philanthropy, Generation Impact will offer high school girls in grades 9-12 in the fall of 2018 the chance to learn about thoughtful giving, and provide youth-focused grants to local non-profit organizations.

Generation Impact hopes to amass at least 100 members. Each girl who signs up will have to raise $100, which will be pooled into a $10,000 grant and then presented to a local, youth-serving non-profit organization of the member’s choice after a lengthy and careful selection process. The idea for Generation Impact came to fruition last August when Sara Allard, and her daughter, Isabel, a sophomore at Greenwich Academy, sat down for lunch with family friend, Wendy Block, who is the Co-President of Impact FFC.