Frequently Asked


What is Generation Impact?

Generation Impact is a collective giving circle for high school girls in Fairfield County. Girls will make a $100 membership contribution that will be combined to provide a transformational youth-focused grant to a local non-profit organization. Members will determine the grant winner through a vote of the membership after a thoughtful grants review process. Our first $10,000 grant will be awarded immediately after our membership votes at The Big Give event in April 2020.

What is the goal?

The program is structured to be both educational and philanthropic – to teach and encourage the next generation of givers to work together to make an impact in their community.

Why should I join?

• Build experience and leadership skills for your resume
• Knowledge of our community’s needs & resources
• Teamwork with a diverse group of girls
• Gain confident communication skills
• Become an educated and generous giver

If I become a member, how much time will I have to commit?

As a member, you may participate as much or as little as you choose. We have 3 main meetings a year, and while participation is encouraged, time involved can range from 0 hours to serving on a Leadership Committee. No matter the commitment level, each member gets one vote for the grant finalist at The Big Give event in April.

How does it work?

Non-Profits will apply for the Generation Impact Grant on our website from October 15 to November 26. Members will work to review non-profit grant applications and pick finalists. Our 3 Big events are:

The Big Learn
November 10, 2019

Members will learn how to read and evaluate grant applications from non-profits. We will hear from experts, learn about the needs in our community and go through a step-by-step lesson about the grant making process and how to give thoughtfully.

The Big Review
January 26, 2020

Members will review grant applications from non-profits and choose finalists. We will work in small groups to carefully review the applications and discuss and evaluate each one. We will choose 3-4 non-profits to become our finalists.

The Big Give
April 5, 2020

The most important event of the year! ALL members are encouraged to attend to hear from our non-profit finalists and vote for a grant winner! Each member will cast one vote; our grant will be awarded at this event.