Eligibility Requirements

Applying Organizations MUST:

  • Be classified as a “public charity” with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

  • Operate and expend funds in Fairfield County

  • Propose a project or program that serves youth residents of Fairfield County

  • Possess one year of independently prepared, audited financial statements

  • Have a total project or program budget of at least $10,000

  • Demonstrate how the grant will make an impact via narrative, photos or video

  • Use the full amount of the grant within 12 months

We Will NOT Provide Grants For:

  • Debt reduction, operating deficits, or interim or bridge funding

  • Endowment funding

  • Individuals or private foundations

  • Activities that are religious or partisan, legislative or political in nature

  • Fundraising events, fund drives, or annual appeals

  • General capital campaigns (unrelated to the specific project or program)

  • Research

  • Organizations that do not provide direct services

Useful Tips & Recommendations:

  • Plan enough time to prepare, collate, scan and upload your organizational documents to Generation Impact’s website.  Allow ample time in the event that you experience technical difficulties so that you will be able to submit by the deadline.  For questions, contact us at generationimpactffc@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: If you are selected as a semi-finalist to move forward in the grants process, we may request a potential site visit or in-person meeting to take place in February 2019. Finalists will be asked to present at our Big Give event in April, when Generation Impact membership will vote and award our grant. Grant winner will be asked for any potential opportunities for GI membership to volunteer or otherwise get involved.

Request to Grant Applicants:

Please do not call or contact Generation Impact Fairfield County members, as all members are asked to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the grant process. If you have questions about the Generation Impact grant process which are not answered within this RFP and/or on the application form itself, please email: generationimpactffc@gmail.com

For press inquiries only, please contact: generationimpactffc@gmail.com